The Sarah Locke Music Studio provides instruction in the areas of voice, piano, violin, and oboe. 


The Sarah Locke Music Studio provides instruction in the areas of voice, piano, violin, and oboe. 


Sarah is from Edmond where she received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Oklahoma Christian University. She has taught with Edmond Public Schools for 6 years (2011-2017) winning Teacher of the Year in 2013.  Vocalist by degree, Sarah received her certification from the State of Oklahoma in both Vocal and Instrumental Education.  Having been a member OMEA and OMTA, Sarah has taught private voice, piano, violin and oboe for several years.  While in college, she performed opera roles in Ten Brides and No Groom, Ladies of the Market, Dr. Miracle and The Vampire.  She has also performed in musicals such as She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof, School House Rock, various Broadway reviews, and has directed many children’s productions.  Sarah lives in Edmond with her husband, Travis, and daughter Rose

Fees and Policies

Fall Semester Contract

Session 2: August 20- December 14, 2018

Studio Address: The Rosenbalm Academy of Music, 3601 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK 73013

Contact: (405) 436-3169 or sarahlockemusic@gmail.com

One of the benefits of studying music is the discipline it instills. Therefore, the Sarah Locke Music Studio functions in a way that develops work ethic, expects success, and creates a deep love for the art. In order to offer a professional atmosphere and quality education to the students in the studio, below are the policies upon which the studio operates. Please read this carefully.

  1. Tuition and FeesTuition is $480 for the semester. This guarantees fifteen 30-minute lessons during the fall semester.  Payment can be made in one full payment, or 4 payments of $120.  There will also be a $15 recital fee for our fall recital due by the beginning of December. This can be added to the final installment of $120 ($135).
  2. Payments: Each tuition installment must be paid in full by the first lesson in September, October, November and December. There are multiple options to pay. If you forget your checkbook the day of the lesson, an invoice can be sent via Square with an added $3.95 service charge per $120 charge, or payment can be sent via Paypal Friends and Family
  3. Cancellations: Please let me know at the first lesson of each semester or as soon as possible if there is a scheduled trip or absence. If you wish to reschedule that missed lesson, it is subject to availability. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before the lesson will not be made up.*
    1. *In the case of illness, it is understood that an advanced notice is not always possible. Please contact me as soon as you know. Students should be fever-free or on antibiotics for 24 hours before attending their next lesson. Missed lessons due to illness will be made up in the form of a double lesson or additional lesson and are subject to teacher availability. The missed lesson, however, will not be credited to the next tuition installment. 
    2. If I must cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled.
  4. Calendar and Make-up days:  Lessons will be held weekly between August 20th- December 14th.  This allows for NO LESSONS the week of Fall Break (October 15-19) and Thanksgiving (November 19th-23rd).  A few possible make-up days will occur during the semester- November 19th or 20th and December 17th.  If a student must miss a lesson and has given prior notice, the student can schedule a make-up lesson for a make-up day if a previous make-up time has not become available.  The semester recital will likely fall the first week in December.

This contract is valid for this session (August20-December 14) and the parent’s/student’s intent to continue will be confirmed before each new session begins. It is expected that the student will complete the session in which they are currently involved. Should the unexpected arise and the student is unable to complete their current session, payment is still required for the remaining months left on the session. For example, if you discontinue lessons in October, you will still be responsible for the remaining tuition installments due in November and December.

Policies and Procedures

  1.  Students are expected to be punctual for their lesson. Each lesson will begin and end promptly at the agreed-upon time slot. If the student is tardy, they may take what is left of the lesson but an extended lesson will not be offered, as in most cases another student has a lesson afterward. Those dropping off their student and leaving are expected to retrieve their student at the immediate end of the lesson. Please plan accordingly.
  2.  Recitals will be held at the end of the Fall and Spring sessions. Students are expected to participate, as this offers unique instructional elements and creates a sense of unity and camaraderie throughout the studio. There will be a couple of recital times to choose from (to avoid student absence and overcrowding the audience).
  3.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own lesson books. Most books can be purchased at Edmond Music or online.
  4.  Students are expected to come to each lesson prepared- this means bringing all lesson books or sheet music assigned. This also means your student has spent ideally 5 days a week for a minimum of half an hour practicing.
  5. Instrumental students: STUDENTS MUST HAVE AN INSTRUMENT AVAILABLE FOR THEM TO PRACTICE FOR THEIR WEEKLY LESSONS. In cases where only a small keyboard is available at home, piano instruction can be offered only for Lesson book primer and level 1. After this time, concepts being introduced require a piano or a keyboard with the following elements: weighted keys with sensitive dynamic response, a pedal, and a full 88-key keyboard.
  6. You and your student will sign this contract at or prior to the first lesson.